The hybrid roadster has been a board in the making for a long time and it has been overdue for the same period.
Following the footsteps of the original roadster and its most succesful shape the new hybrid version offers a stretched out wheelbase, a wider gas pedal and also the same great quality we always deliver.
If you want a board for todays courses which is easy to handle and offers the "i feel like home" feeling for your feet, this is the board to buy.
The layup consists of two hardrock maple veneers, stealth edges, carbon, airex, glass.

Please note: We do not laquer the bottoms, all the gloss is natural epoxy gloss.
Board comes in various color or fabric options or carbon bottom, which is 15.- euros extra.


  • Length: 34,25"
  • Width: widest point front: 9" widest point gas-pedals: 8,6"
  • Wheelbase: 22/23"
  • Material: glass, carbon, airex



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