Actually the board is made too wide in the front, bit still tolerable for turns, still it doesn't topple to the side.
The acceleration is immense due to the wide point in the nose section.
The board has 2 plys of hard rock maple on the top so there is enough flesh for sanding out stealth edges which really help in sharp turns.
Also there is added stiffness due to the two plies involved, glass top, glass bottom.

Available colors are red, blue, white, black, carbon.

The 95er is derived from my love to our local soccer club called Fortuna Düsseldorf and of course my main ride these days.


The 95er - 3D Model - PDF

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  • Length: 37,5"
  • Width: widest point nose: 9,8" widest point gas-pedals: 9,5
  • Wheelbase: 23/24"
  • Material: wood, glass, carbon, airex


The 95er GS

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